About rockstu

RockStu meaning two parts, ROCK being a solid and firm and STU short for STEWARD meaning to serve and lead, started as a freelance Entertainment and Public Relations agency based in Detroit, MI.  Owner and Executive Director, LaWanna White, is a Public and Community Relations Consultant who has provided unique and unmatched public relations services since 2010.

In recent years, RockStu has stepped up its role in the community in the form of philanthropy efforts focused on empowering women empowerment in the areas of personal growth, overcoming hurdles, self-confidence, and professional and business development. 

As a business professional working in Corporate America for over 20 years, RockStu founder LaWanna White, who also serves as Junior Executive with the Detroit Economic Club and been recognized by Native Detroit Magazine as a Detroiter You Should Know, has dedicated herself to community efforts toward helping women to overcome challenges and achieve their BEST lives. RockStu aims to work with other like minder community leaders to help women set goals, engage in opportunities that stretch them out of their comfort zone, access resources, build self-confidence, and use their gift and talents to live out the dreams. 

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